1. Jim, first comment I have submitted on your blog, but I would like to thank you for the great pictures you share. The first one, showing the breakfast layout, made me absolutely hungry. It appears, if this picture is any indication, the reputation of the finest fare in the fleet will be carried on in great style. Thanks again, and I intend to make visits to your site a daily ritual. Hope to see you this summer.

  2. Your photography is awesome, Jim! Makes me want to quit work and move to Maine. Hope to meet you someday, maybe when I’m up there for the Wooden Boat course.

  3. Thanks! And the schooner Mary Day does a course for Wooden Boat, which is really wonderful. Lots of good learning, along with the usual fun, food and sailing.

  4. Thanks Jim for the wonderful slide show Friday Night!! Also thank you for the kind words on my humble photos. Have been working at it since I was 16 when I started in a dark room, back in the Dark Ages 🙂
    You are a Master at you craft!

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