Camden’s Windjammer Festival

Below is a gallery of 29 images. Click the image to go forward and backward. Or click the Play button at bottom center to watch it as a slideshow.

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  1. Well Jim! You have done it now. Raised the bar once again. Comments are coming in to my blog with undying admiration for your work. Did you carry a tripod up Mt Battie with you?? And why shoot both jpgs and raw if you can take the raw and make it a jpg? Thanks from us for sharing your beautiful images. Nice to have a slideshow.


  2. Jim – I really like the updated web site and blog. As always I envy your photographic abilities and the really great job you do on your web site. Keep it up!

  3. Yes, I carried a tripod. I knew they’d be long exposures and I’d need a tripod. Some of the fireworks exposures were 30 seconds at f/11. I shoot both Raw and JPG because sometimes I want a quick look and dealing with Raw is time-consuming. My laptop is old and barely able to open a Raw file.

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