Apples In Snow, an old favorite

I took this picture years ago and it continues to be a favorite, for me and others. My mother has asked me to print another round of notecards with it for her. And she’s just heard from an old friend who bought a print of it, which the friend still treasures.

Behind every picture there’s a story but this one is pretty simple: I was walking in Camden in an early snow, turned into the park and walked along, enjoying the view. I saw this apple tree above the harbor and shot a couple of pictures, all the while feeling that there was some Zen or Hokusai quality to it.

Normally, a photographer takes LOTS of pictures and I’m usually no exception. But in this case, I just had a feeling that this was enough. I couldn’t improve on it, those reds and yellows, the jumble of branches. I do wish I’d tasted one of the apples though.

Apples In Snow, Camden, Maine