Funny Story

Our delivery man always talks sports:

“We had softball playoffs last week. Church League, not the Adult Men’s League.”

So you don’t get to drink beer at Church League?

“We still drink beer. We just have to do it quietly. One guy was sitting in the dugout and got out a beer and just as he cracked the top, there was a lull in the noise. PISSH, real loud. So the ump stops, puts his hands on his hips and turns and looks at him.”

“‘I could throw you out for that’ he says. And my buddy with the beer says, ‘You’re just mad because you want one.'”

“And you would not believe this Church League. The Adult Men’s League, we just have fun, you know? But these Church League people fight over every stinking call.”

Does every player think God must be on his side?

“Maybe that’s it but I have never heard such language.”