Solo Across Penobscot Bay
For five days in September, 1995, I paddled a kayak alone across Maine's Penobscot Bay, from Rockland to Stonington and back. This is the story of that journey and what it meant to me.

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The Maine Island Trail Association
and Low-Impact Use

I'm identifying islands by their MITA numbers. Find out why. And get some pointers on visiting Maine islands.

Why Solo?
And why I don't recommend it.

The Gear List & Menu
What I took and what I ate.

The Spiritual Stuff
Don't you hate that word? Me too. You might gag if you read this, beware.

Here's a crude map of my trip. Day One is in red, Day Two in yellow, Day Three not shown, Day Four in green, Day Five in blue.

Day One
This is the longest bit of text here, because the paddling was roughest.

Day Two
An easier day, including stops at several islands and Stonington.

Day Three
To hazard bad weather or not?

Day Four
Onion rings

Day Five
A dawn swim, then home.

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